Tone Tree Music is a curator and distributor for a select group of independent music artists. We are disrupting the normal models of labels and distribution for music sales and streaming. Our primary role is to tell the story of each artist and drive joint success with our retail partners. Our goal is to secure the best playlists, positioning, marketing, promotions and all things that drive sales, revenue and exposure for each artist. We partner with the artist to develop and execute a strategy unique to them.  We are boutique and focused. We are retail marketing, distribution and a vital team partner all in one.  Founded by Shawn Fowler in 2010, we strive to innovate and be the best at what we do.



Featured Artists


And other incredible artists we work with…

  • The Civil Wars

  • Holly Williams

  • Vertical Horizon

  • Polyenso

  • Jars of Clay

  • Angel Snow

  • David Archuleta

  • Laney Jones

  • Jessie Early

  • Lieza

  • Myzica

  • The Roosevelts

  • Aaron Krause

  • Juan Solorzano

    Hollow Hum

    Jacob Thomas Jr

  • Amy Speace

  • Dawn & Hawkes

  • Jillian Edwards

  • Patrick O'Hearn

  • Wave & Rome

  • Gabe Dixon

  • Rob Baird

  • My Bubba

  • Zayde Wolfe

  • Ellie Schmidly

  • Kelsey Waldon

  • Jennifer Paige

  • Brooke Waggoner

  • Whissell


    Reuben Bidez

  • LEVV

  • Nora Jane Struthers

  • Poema

  • The Vespers

  • Jetty Rae

  • Anya Marina

  • Joshua Farrow

  • Cappa

  • Kelsey Waldon

  • Misty Boyce

  • Tom Gallo

    The Sea The Sea

    Tim Halperin



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